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About Slayers of Khaos
Slayers of Khaos originated on Terenas, but moved to Lightbringer in May 2013. We are a casual friends and family guild, and we like to raid. We're on a casual schedule; just Tuesdays and Wednesdays for 3 hours each night. Our Terenas friends who didn't make the move with us have kept the original Slayers guild a welcoming presence there. 
On Lightbringer we maintain a 10m normal raid team, with regular flex nights on the schedule. We are looking forward to WoD and expanding our normal team just a bit. We won't build a Mythic team, however, that being far beyond the scope of the guild. 
Our loot rules encourage a friendly loot system, with the intent to spread the loot around so no one goes home with all the loot for a given raid night/lockout. Essentially we use a main spec need, offspec greed roll system, with consideration for those who haven't won a needed item that night/lockout.  
In general our goal is to finish a tier on normal within a few months of a raid patch, but if someone must take a night off we make allowances, though we will attempt to pug to fill a spot when necessary. We also take time off for holidays. 
People who are raiding mainly for loot and fast progression will find greater joy on other teams. Excellence, patience, kindness and teamwork are encouraged. 
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